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Profile # : 1137
Name : Arina
Age : 37
Birthday: 05 / 17 / 1982
Location: Rostov-on-Don
Height : 155 cm ~ 5 ft 1"
Weight : 50 kg ~ 110 lb
Eyes : blue
Hair : light blonde
Status : divorced
Children : no
Want more children: yes
Education : University
Occupation : an accountant
Languages |
English: fair
German: not at all
French: not at all
Zodiac Sign : Taurus
Do you smoke : no
Do you drink : sociable

Self-description :
I am ambitious, bright, with a strong personality, very sociable, have sense of humor. I put a goal and go for it. My lifeís credo: " The one who walks shall master the road ", "The one who wants something will find the way" By nature I am not a housewife, I am rather a manager. I like leading a dynamic life, travel, taking part in conferences, business trips, I am a good organizer.. I have a strong character, if the situation requires I make decisions quickly. Sometimes, I can be a bit risky, but if the risk is justified. I can quickly ignite ideas, but if I feel that something goes wrong, I will stop. I believe that everything can be solved if you sit down and talk openly and directly. I do not like being under pressure. I like my home to be calm without loud TV works, music, or noisy companies. For special case I like going out. I am very quick, if I am going to any event I need maximum of 40 minutes to get ready. I am easy-going, spontaneous, can take a quick decision to travel. I love driving a car, especially along the nightís city, when the roads are empty with a good music. I love high speed sometimes. I love cars. I love to travel to Europe, I love Italy, especially Rome. I would like to live there. I like active kinds of holiday, lying on the beach all days long is not for me, I do not like endless shopping in Europe, I prefer walking tours to seen sights, eating out to enjoy local cuisine, each day visiting a new place. observing people and life. I like home life too. Unfortunately, I rarely cook, I do not consider cooking meaning of family life. My other interests are yoga or Stretch gymnastic, I Latin American tango but I donít have a partner.
Description of the ideal man :
Man of my dreams - is a strong, successful person who achieved a rather high level in his professional life or business. This person who is a dynamic, who knows how to get his goals. He is Intelligent and well-mannered, preferable having his own business, so I could take part in it. He values a family life, his wife, children, home. By the way I want three children))). Deadline when I should have the first child is 34 years old))) For me a family life is a tandem of two people walking together through life, sharing love, understanding, and respecting each other.

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